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1 Box of 10 Magic Thimbles w/FREE Key Carrying Case

Touch, lift or flip!  Get through your errands nimble with Magic Thimble!
Get through your errands nimble; wear the magic thimble. With magic on your fingertips, even a disease like Arthritis does not stand in the way of your everyday read. Our tested patented pads ensures your fingertips are unscathed, whether flipping through pages or sewing your favorite sweater. Now, remove the dreaded fleas from fluffy the cat with our tacky pad, or tie the silky bow on your gifts with ease. We often overlook the threshold and impact of germs with objects we interact with; according to the CDC germs are spread through books. Our magic thimble helps you minimize the transmission of germs.
•     Arthritis? No problem. Enjoy your favorite books again.
•     Protection from ATMs and Grocery Kiosk Touchscreens.
•     Goodbye papercuts; an ergonomic fingerprint pattern to the rescue.
•     Patented fingerprint to aid with counting money.
•     Flip through pages with a single finger lift.
•     Minimize transmission of germs.
•     Remove fleas with the tacky pad.
•     Pick up, collate and sort documents.
•     Wrap gifts with the magic thimble.
•     Make sewing easy by protecting your finger tips from the needle.
•     Helps abide by cdc guidelines to protect from germs.
•     Use in churches, libraries, colleges & classrooms.
Here’s a tip, get the Magic Thimble on your fingertip now!


  • 10 Magic Thimbles
  • 1 Keychain Carrying Case
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Strict limit of 5 BOXES.

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